We Who Snowboard
Snowboarding and the mountains are addictive. If a photo is yours, please message me so I know and I'll gladly credit you! Enjoy :)
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Winter is almost here!

Anonymous says:
I just got into snowboarding last winter so I am obviously not all that great yet, but it can be a little intimidating going to the mountain and being a beginner girl especially, any advice?

I’d say just stick with it! And try being brave! Not so brave you do things to hurt yourself out of inexperience…but to try the next level of things when you become conformable with where you’re currently at :)

Sometimes you have to stand sideways to move forward.

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Anonymous says:
When did you first start snowboarding?

I learned in 2004 when I was 12. I’d say I probably went once a year after that. I didn’t snowboard for two seasons when I broke my coccyx when I was 16 though. In 2012 when I was 20, I started working as a Lifty at a resort. Now I snowboard almost every day during season :)