We Who Snowboard
Hi, I'm Jade Flanagan and I love to snowboard. That and the mountains are addictive. I'll be posting my favorite snowboarding content on this blog. If a photo is yours, please let me know and I'll give you credit! Thanks :) Hope you like it!
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Boarder: Jade Flanagan
Snowboard: 2014 Arbor Cascade
Location: Whitefish Resort, Montana

This is me.
Source: jade_flanagan

Anonymous says:
Who are you're sponsors and when did you first get sponsored?

Unfortunately, I am not sponsored :(. It’d be cool, but in the end, all I snowboard for is the thrill of it. And the snow and cold :D. Maybe someday I’ll get sponsored, but not for free-style…just free-riding. I’m a lot better at that trees and whatnot.

Anonymous says:
Where can I get one of those cameras from with the pole?

That would be a GoPro on the sticks. They’re sold just about everywhere now Wal-Mart, Costco, Big Bear, sports and outdoor stores, etc.. Lots of places :)

Anonymous says:
I'm a girl, learning to snow board and just got on to my turns, getting so frustrated!! I can't wait to get good and relaxed and at one with my board.

Thats great! Just don’t give up. Keep practicing :)